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Bookworm or Bibliophile?

Terry Mapes writes in The (Mansfield,Ohio) News Journal… “Bookworms are those who simply like to read books. They read library books, books they borrow from a friend or books they own. Once they have read a book, they are done with it. Bibliophiles are bookworms with a difference. They enjoy reading books, but they also enjoy the books themselves for the pleasure they receive looking at them, touching them and collecting them.”

Are you a bookworm or a bibliophile? I’m definitely a bibliophile.

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To read or not to read … that is the question

Are you one of those people who, once you’ve started a book, feel compelled to finish it? Do you plod on irregardless of the fact that you really don’t like it? Do you feel guilty if you pack it in? (I bet some of  you who fall into this camp are those who were told to eat every bit of their meal when they were young.)  Or, are you one of those who abide by the unwritten rule of reading … give it 50 pages and if you haven’t been smitten by then give up.

I never finish books I don’t like. Too many books … too little time.

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