About Linda

It all started over dinner one night at my son’s place. It was his idea. The whole blog thing. I love to read and love to talk about books and my blog is an outlet for my enthusiasm for the printed word.  I love to garden (Zone 5A), I’m a morning person, an avid walker with a closet full of running shoes in various states of disrepair, a keen yoga participant, I love anything pertaining to food, especially eating – grocery stores fascinate me, I cook everything from scratch, and I definitely should have studied nutrition. My favourite food is peanut butter. My favourite book is The Extraordinary Garden by Francois Gravel (read it if you can find it – it has nothing to do with a garden). I am the luckiest Mum in the world. And my hubby puts up with all my ranting and raving re politics, stupid people and the Internet. Life is a journey and I’m having such fun on my ride.

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