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In the Unlikely Event

In the Unlikely Event is my first Judy Blume book. I’m the wrong demographic to have read all her famous young-adult books. I must say more’s the pity since I really liked this book. At first I thought it was just an OK read, but the further I got into the story the more I liked it. Blume grew up in Elizabeth New Jersey, and was a teenager when, in 1952 in the space of 60 days, 3 planes crashed into this city narrowly missing 2 schools and a home for orphan children.  Imagine living through this! If there ever was a situation to make you feel paranoid, this was it. Talk of aliens, communists, and heaven only knows what else flourished. This book is the fictional story of those who’s lives were forever altered during that time.  The human spirit is amazing. Some flounder, some flourish, and some just get through. She paints the perfect picture of the style, music, and tempo of the time for 3 generations of families and strangers who are forever united by these terrible accidents. Life goes on. And Blume is the perfect storyteller to paint the picture having had first hand knowledge as one of those survivors. As far as I know this is her first “adult” book. All you “oldies” out there definitely need to read it.

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