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The Nightingale

I was a bit reluctant to try The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. I’ve read way too many war books over the past few years and I just couldn’t imagine how this one would be yet again different from all the ones I’ve read. But it is. And I loved it! There was a short bit where I thought, oh no, this is same old, same old. But my feelings quickly evaporated and I got right into the story. Vianne & Isabelle are two sisters who are as different as day is to night. Vianne’s husband Antoine is shipped off to war and she is left tending the home fires along with daughter Sophie in the quiet village of Carriveau, France. Isabelle is a rebellious 18 year old who has been kicked out of one too many schools. She ends up joining the Resistance, and her life is changed irrevocably. This is the parrallel stories of these two women, both fighting for their lives during hardship we can only imagine and read about. It’s a fascinating book. Gritty, full horror and destruction, but above all it shows the resiliance of the human spirit and the power of women to endure the unthinkable. It’s a fantastic read.  Don’t think twice about picking this up. Just do it. Now I’m going to check on Kristin Hannah’s other books. There are 22 of them!

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After the War is Over

After the War is Over is written by Jennifer Robson. Her first book, Somewhere in France, was a favourite of mine last year so I jumped on the chance to pick up her latest when I heard about it. And I wasn’t disappointed. Charlotte Brown from book #1 is the focul point of this great read. She was a military nurse for 4 years and is now back in Liverpool dedicating her life to the betterment of those left behind by the Great War. Edward Neville-Ashford figures largely as well, and there is still some unresolved attraction, hidden though it is in Charlotte, that must be addressed between them. In post war Britain, class issues still exist so Charlotte feels she must dedicate her life to work, not the pursuit of personal happiness. But life doesn’t always march to the beat of a single drum. To enjoy it best, this book certainly deserves to be read after Somewhere in France. Pick them both up and devour Jennifer Robson at her finest. You won’t be disappointed.

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