the way life should be

I’ve been on a Christina Baker Kline kick since reading Orphan Train. I like the atmosphere she created in that book, and when I discovered the way life should be is also set in Maine I quickly snatched it up to read while trying to keep warm during this bitterly cold, relentless winter. When Italian-Irish-American Angela Russo’s high powered job as an event planner in NYC bites the dust she high tails it back to her family home in New Jersey to recalculate and try to bring her life back on track. Being half Italian, food figures prominently in Angela’s life with her nona being at the centre of all things yummy. Nona’s a smart woman. She says mediocre restaurant food is soul destroying. Amen to that! Luckily for Angela, she inherits nona’s cooking gene. And luckily for us, the author even includes the recipes that waft poetically from the pages – how wonderful is that! Angela eventually packs it all in and moves to Maine to search out a handsome sailor who loves Italian food and dogs whom she met online. Risky yes!  But hey, the way life should be isn’t always the way you though it should be. Do they hit it off? Well… read the book and see. That’s all I’ll tell you.  Baker Kline is a great writer. Her books are full of atmosphere, well thought out, and definitely great reads for this long, frigid winter, or possibly – should we ever get warm weather again! – the beach. They make you feel better. What can be better than that!

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