The Soul of Discretion

The Soul of Discretion is Susan Hill’s 8th book in her very popular Simon Serrailler series. She’s a fantastic writer and as a review I recently read said “She is a perfect substitute for the late P.D. James. Her books are intelligent and well written.” I second this opinion. All our favourites are back – Simon, new girlfriend Rachel, his sister Cat and even Dad Richard and his second wife Judith. All said, I didn’t find the actual mystery that compelling and as interesting as some of the others that Simon has been involved with. BUT the sub plots involving the rest of the gang were so compelling and well written that it’s worth reading this book just for the background story. You’re definitely left with wanting to know more, what happens next, and for this reason I give this book a 2 thumbs up. Who knows maybe I didn’t find the actual police crime all that interesting because the other stuff was way over the top interesting and so unexpected. Could be. Anyway, if you’re a Susan Hill Fan and love her Simon Serrailler series, you must read this book.

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