No Safe House

Right from the get go Linwood Barclay has been one of my favourite authors. His latest book No Safe House is destined to be another great hit for this wonderful writer. This is the first time he’s done a cross over from one book to another. Terry Archer & family first appeared in No Time for Goodbye. They suffered a traumatic event that nearly cost them their lives. Now we continue with the Archers years later when wife Cynthia is living on her own, hoping to cool the demons that threaten to permanently ruin the relationship she has with her family. There’s been what appears to be a senseless murder of two elderly residents in their idyllic little town. Then daughter Grace gets into a nasty spot of trouble with her boyfriend due to peer pressure and bad judgement. Poor Terry is betwixed and between. He wants to help Grace before the authorities come calling, but try to keep Cynthia from figuring out that Grace is in a whole lot of trouble. Quickly the whole family become involved the shadowy underside of their hometown, and eventually they reconnect with the ruthless, unrepentant criminal that saves their lives 7 years ago who they had hoped never to lay eyes on again. As per usual Barclay is in top form. The book is definitely a fast paced thriller that doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve never read any of his books, I suggest reading No Time for Goodbye first. It’s not necessary but hey, you’ll get double the dose of enjoyment from one of Canada’s finest writers. Enjoy!  I certainly did. Barclay never disappoints.

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