The Rosie Project

I decided to read The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion because it was on Bill Gates summer reading list. OK call me crazy.  He never reads fiction. His wife Melinda does, and she found this book so good she kept reading funny bits out loud til he decided he’d better read the entire book.  Don Tillman is a brilliant genecist who, unfortunately, has alot of trouble attracting the ladies, or any lady. He’s never even had a second date. He decides to attack this problem in the evidence-based way he approaches any scientific problem. He develops a 16 page questionnaire that he hopes will narrow down the wide field of “eligibles”. He calls this The Wife Project. Enter candidate Rosie Jarmin. It soon becomes evident that Rosie doesn’t live up to Don’s high expectations and rigorous scrutiny. But she has a project of her own,  finding her biological father, and she hopes Don can help her with her search. Don abandons the Wife Project for the meantime and devotes himself to The Father Project. And yes, the obvious happens – Don falls head over heals for Rosie while helping her search for her father. This is a great book, full of quirky little bits, unexpected humour, and I’m glad Simsion decided, at age 50, to abandon his career to become a writer. The Rosie Project is his first book and it has become a super hit. Good for him! And good for us… book #2 The Rosie Effect comes out the end of September.

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