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The Light of Amsterdam

What a find! I’d never heard of David Park when I spotted The Light of Amsterdam on the shelf. He is a well awarded Irish writer with 7 books to his credit. It’s December and Amsterdam is at it’s light-twinkling best, all wrapped up for Christmas and looking as charming as any city can in winter. This is the story of 3 people who come to the city for various reasons. Recently divorced Alan plans to attend a most anticipated Bob Dylan concert with his teenage son in tow, single Mum Karen tags along for her daughter’s bachelorette party, and Marion, a middle aged woman who’s husband Richard has surprised her with a birthday weekend away. These 3 individual stories are connected right off when they all end up on the same flight to Amsterdam. As the story progresses we learn about the anxieties, fears, insecurities, and everyday lives of these 3 people. It is fascinating! At times Park’s writing is so bang on. He’s brilliant. His descriptions are so astute… Alan’s moody, distant, unco-operative teenage son, the atmosphere of the senior’s home where Karen works, and Marion’s insecurities as she approaches middle age. I guarantee that somewhere in this book you will say he’s hit the nail on the head. At times I kept thinking to myself “you’ve got that right”. Book clubs would love this book!  Check it out, in fact buy it (it’s not expensive). You won’t regret it. I loved it! Spread the word.

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Be Careful What You Wish For

WOW! I’m positive that all Jeffrey Archer fans out there will join me when I say that he is NEVER boring. Every book is a thriller from start to finish – definitly the finish. But not a car chasing, gun toting kind of thriller like we see in movies or TV. It’s more of a psychological thriller, with unexpected twists and turns of plot that makes us wonder just how he thought this up. And everything is plausable and not far fetched, just darn smart. I was really excited when I learned that Be Careful What You Wish For is the 4th book in the Clifton Chronicles. For some reason or other I thought there were only 3 books in the series. Let the fun continue says I! You can read this book on it’s own, or you can get deeper into the characters and overall plot if you read the previous 3. I definitely suggest you start at the beginning. (Stop whining, it’s only 3 books.) Lordy, I’ve already written so much and yet said so little. I won’t divulge the shocking conclusion to book 3, nor will I tell you how book 4 starts out. I hate it when reviewers give too much away. Anyhoo… the life of Barrington Shipping continues, through ups and downs, with Emma at the helm of the ship so to speak. While Harry continues his writing career with best seller after best seller. And the usual cast of seconds are all there, and involved in the lives of Emma and Harry. Boring this isn’t, suspensful yes! One thing I will say for Archer is that he’s not afraid to kill off some of his characters, which sometimes shocks the reader because they just don’t see coming til it’s right under their noses. Now that’s a great writer! (You have this kinda “Oh No! moment.) My only criticism of this book is that I have to wait til next year to read the conclusion. This is definitely a ***** read.

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