The English Girl

The English Girl by Daniel Silva was a book I picked off the shelf just by chance. And lucky me. It’s a real winner. I’d never read anything by Silva before (he’s a New York Times best selling author), but I was intrigued enough by reading the jacket of the book to give it a go. It’s a complicated story with lots of spys, assasins and unsavoury characters, all with names that confused me as to who was who. But that didn’t matter one bit to the story, weird eh. British Prime Minister Jonathan Lancaster is carrying on a secret affair with Madeline Hart. She’s a rising star in his party, and destined for greatness. Madeline is kidnapped while vacationing in Corsica, and it soon becomes evident that the kidnappers intend for the PM to pay dearly for his sins. Lancaster, fearful of a scandal, decides to handle this matter privately. With just 7 days to find Madeline, Gabriel Allon, art restorer, master assassin & spy, sets out to bring Madeline home safely. Jumping from Corsica to Israel to Marseilles to Provence to London then Moscow, this international thriller, full of suspense and foreign intrigue, doesn’t disappoint. It’s a gripping read. Loved it. And if you love the character of Gabriel Allon, Silva has lots of other books out there where he is front and centre for you to get your fix. Check them out.

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