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Best Kept Secret

Jeffrey Archer is a fantastic story teller. His books have a beginning, a middle and an ending. Sometimes they end with real cliffhangers, and sometimes they end in a way you wish they hadn’t. They are easy to read, but complex and involved in plot, character, and often intrigue. Best Kept Secret is the finale to his terrific 3-book Clifton Chronicles series. The book opens in 1945 with the House of Lords deciding who shall inherit the Barrington family fortune – Giles Barrington, legitimate first born son of the late Sir Hugo Barrington or Harry Clifton, his bastard son born just 3 weeks before Giles. Interestingly enough, Giles & Harry have been best chums since their school days, and neither really cares who inherits the wealth. Giles wants to pursue a career in politics and eventually runs for the Labour Party, while Harry only wants his beloved Emma. In 1957 Harry & Emma’s son, Sebastian, wins a scholarship to Cambridge, but his future is circumspect when he is expelled from school and unwittingly becomes involved with an international art fraud. Archer is a great writer. His stories are full of twists and turns and intrigue – you are definitely never bored reading his books. And this Clifton Chronicles series deserves to be read, one book after the other, to get the full scope and breadth of his brilliant writer’s mind. Read my 2 previous blog entries to gain the full scope of this trilogy and I’m sure you’ll be adding this series to your book list.

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