Robert Rotenberg


On a recent trip to Toronto I met Robert at Indigo when he was there for the release of his 4th book Stranglehold.



Detective Ari Greene is back, and oi vey!… he’s got himself in a real mess. He’s been carrying on a secret affair with Crown Prosecutor Jennifer Raglan. Their usual Monday morning rendezvous comes to a crashing halt before it even begins when Greene arrives at the seedy motel as per usual, and discovers her dead body. Standing in the motel room stunned & shocked, trying to analyze the situation, it takes him a moment to figure out he’s been set up. Poor Ari! He has ample opportunity to give his version of the events to the police. He’s been on the investigating side of the law for years. He knows how this works. Knows the ropes he has to climb to get out of this nasty situation he’s landed in. But  he wants to be the one who discovers who murdered Jennifer so he keeps his trap shut – no matter how further and further into the muck he gets stuck. Detective Daniel Kennicott, his co-worker, is handling the case, and it’s because of Greene’s great training that he’s able to put 2 and 2 together and figure out Ari was Jennifer’s lover. And so the story goes (I don’t want to give away too much). Crisp writing, interesting plot, humour, and local interest (Lordy! wait til you read about Mayor Hap Charlton!) – how could I not like this? Plus in his “other” life he’s a criminal lawyer so Rotenberg knows how to create intriguing fiction from years of navigating the legal world, and I am always fascinated, and often shocked, by what I read. Our old favourites are back, including – surprise! – Mr. Singh from book #1. Remember him? He was the newspaper carrier who discovered body #1. If you’ve been following events in TO recently you will get a real kick out of this book. It’s very au courant. I loved it!

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