Me Before You

I knew nothing about this book, or the author, when I plucked if off the shelf. I’d just finished a series of historical fiction books about WWI and I really wanted something entirely different. A palate cleanser of sorts… I chose well. Me Before You is written by British writer Jojo Moyes. I love British writers. Spunky, funky-dressed, Louisa Clark is an ordinary 27 year old girl with an ordinary life, working at the local cafe (the Buttered Bun) and living at home with Mum, Dad, Granddad, sister Treena and her nephew Thomas. When her boss announces he’s closing the cafe and heading back to Australia, Louisa is desperate to find a job. Money is tight in the Clark household, with just her and Dad actually bringing home the bacon. Reluctantly she accepts a position as “care assistant” to quadriplegic Will Traynor, ex-Master of the Universe, former extreme sports enthusiast, world traveler and business tycoon. As her Dad said when she announced she’d accepted the position… “If it wasn’t punishment enough ending up in a ruddy wheelchair, then you get our Lou turning up to keep you company.” Humour abounds in this b0ok. But be forewarned, there is a very serious issue at the heart of the story. Will is often uncommunicative, moody, and bossy. Lou finds it a trial to deal with at first, and isn’t sure she can cope, but eventually realizes his happiness means more to her than she ever expected. She sets out to prove that his life is worth living, even though he has plans to the contrary. She soon discovers just how challenging it is, and in doing so, eventually comes to realize that Will has changed her life for the better in ways she never imagined. When I started this book I thought it would be verging on “fluff” but I was dead wrong. Moyes is a wonderful writer, and this is a great book. Give it a go.

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