A Question of Identity

Susan Hill’s mysteries are a cut above the usual, and A Question of Identity, her 7th in the Simon Serrailler series, certainly is a terrific read. I sat for ages staring at my computer trying to figure out how to even start to tell you about this amazing book. In a nutshell… 3 women are murdered, and when, with undisputable evidence, Alan Keyes is acquitted, the public is so enraged that “the system” realizes, for his own safety, Keyes will have to cease existing and become someone else. They give him a new identity. His old life is gone. Years later, when 3 more women are murdered, it takes a very astute member of Her Magesty’s Finest to put two and two together and come up with – nothing. How do you find a murdered when he’s fallen off the grid?  He no longer exists. Hill allows us to get inside the murderer’s head, and listen to his conversations with himself, all the while not revealing exactly who he is now. It’s a fantastic twist to a typical mystery that definitely sets this book above all others. Kudos to Hill for her smart twist of the tale. Fans of Simon Serrailler will be happy to know that Rachel, his love interest, is back (remember I said in my review of her previous book I hoped we’d hear more of Rachel), along with his sister Cat. As per usual in Hill’s books, the background stories are every bit as interesting as the main plot. She’s a brilliant writer. And this is a fantastic book.

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