Stray Bullets

Bravo Robert, this is a great book! Robert Rotenberg is a favourite author of mine. In his other life, he’s a Toronto criminal lawyer, and he certainly puts his legal knowledge to good use in his books. I have to admit, sometimes I find the info about how the legal system works a bit scary. Stray Bullets is his third book, and if you haven’t read his first two I think you should put them on your summer reading list (Old City Hall & The Guilty Plea). PC Kennicott, Badge 8064, D Post, of Toronto’s finest and Detective Ari Greene, who we all know from Rotenberg’s previous books, arrive at the scene of a shooting on Elm Street in downtown Toronto outside a Tim Horton’s. (Coincidentally, I read this book while in Toronto and had just been in the very area of Elm St. a few hours before I started reading it…. not that you really care, but I do. It certainly added to the atmosphere bigtime.) The city is outraged when it’s discovered that a 4 year old boy has been critically shot on the way into Tim’s with his Dad. It’s un-Canadian eh!! There are witnesses, a missing employee from Tim’s, and a host of shady characters with previous criminal records last seen running from the coffee shop. Of course everyone has a different version of what happened that night, no one can even agree on the number of shots fired, and the entire case seems to hinge on whether defense council Nancy Parish can convince the jury that her client, Larkin St. Clair, is being set up by his partner-in-crime, Dewey Booth… or is there someone, or something, else that will turn the case on it’s end. I really hate it when a review tells too much about the book so I’ll say no more. Just read it, you won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend it.

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