The Accident

Linwood Barclay is one of my favourite authors, and his latest book The Accident is destined to be as big a hit as his previous ones. He writes suspenseful thrillers. Unlike most mystery novels where the focus is on the police solving a crime, his books don’t lean in that direction, making them just a bit different and more intriguing than the usual. In this book Glen Garber, a contractor in Connecticut, waits for his wife Sheila to get home from an accounting course she’s taking at night. But she never shows up. Frantic with fear, he gets in the car to see if he can find her, and comes upon a road block where an accident has taken place. It doesn’t take long for him to recognize the car and learn that Sheila is dead. But it soon becomes evident that things just don’t add up… Sheila never went to her class that night, and police reports indicate that she was drunk, and is responsible for killing 2 people in addition to herself.  Glen knew this was so unlike her that he found it hard to believe. When one of her best friends also dies in a strange accident, Glen takes it upon himself to see if there isn’t more to the picture than meets the eye. Illegal activities soon surface in their placid little Connecticut neighbourhood, adding to the complex set of circumstances surrounding both deaths. The story is really gripping, and the book flows so easily that you’re hooked and half way through before you know it. Barclay is definitely the master of suspense. He has hoards of fans and you will be one too if you read this book… or his previous – Never Look Away, Fear the Worst, Too Close to Home and No Time for Goodbye. They’re all fantastic!

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