Finally!! I’ve got something new to recommend. I’ve been going through a very dry spell this past month or so. Nothing I’ve read was worth mentioning, and some of the books I never even finished. But Tampered by Ross Pennie (published by ECW Press) is just what the doctor ordered (that’s an “in joke” people – Pennie is a doctor). I loved his first book, Tainted, so when I discovered he had a new one I rushed right out and got it… but I didn’t want to read it right away – yes, I’m weird like this. I just wanted it there – waiting, something to really look forward to during the short, hot summer. Then… It got hot, and I just couldn’t wait any longer. So… The characters and the setting are the same as in his first book – Dr. Zol Szabo, Hamish Wakefield, Caledonia Medical Centre, and even the city of Hamilton (which I love – for personal reasons), they’re all back. This time there’s trouble brewing at Camelot Lodge, a facility for seniors where the octogenarians are falling like bowling pins from a bout of what looks like listeria. Combine that with some C Difficile and Dr. Zol and Hamish are up to their eyeballs in trouble, trying to discover where the nasties are coming from. Add to this cocktail questionable medication that some senior’s are taking and you’ve got a giant problem that needs to be solved pronto before anyone else dies.  This book is so current – C Diff is in the news right now in Southern Ontario, and last year there was this epidemic of listeria that made everyone shun deli meats for months. Don’t be put off by the fact that this is a medical mystery, it’s not a blood & guts book (way less so than a Kathy Reichs’ books), just really great writing with a medical theme. It’s a fantastic read, full of info that certainly made me wonder about the medical system, and now I’m sorry I’m finished. Check it out – Pennie is one author who deserves way more attention than he gets.

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