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The Guilty Plea

The Guilty Plea (published by Simon & Schuster) is Robert Rotenberg’s second novel, and it is every bit as good as his first, Old City Hall – but it’s different. I found it way more serious with less silent giggles. Detective Ari Greene is back from book #1. I like when characters from one book show up in the next. Millionaire Terrance Wyler of the Wyler Food dynasty, is found stabbed to death in his mansion in Toronto on the day that his much publicized divorce from his wife Samantha is due to start. So, of course she’s a suspect. Then she’s the only suspect, because she shows up at her lawyer’s office with a bloody knife. Rotenberg is a real life criminal lawyer. The detail that he puts into his story, about the whole procedure from suspect to sentencing, is amazing, and this sometimes brought me up short when I realized just how the law functions. I kept reading parts aloud to anyone who would listen. It’s a real eye-opener. Most of the book involves the trial, which is complicated by secrets… if you dig deep enough, everyone has a secret, right. So, is Samantha guilty or not? One thing I liked about the book is that the chapters were usually only a few pages long, every one focusing on a different aspect of the story. This really kept the book moving at a fast pace – I like that in mysteries or thrillers. I find it increases the tension and you really can’t stop reading. I couldn’t, and you won’t. Check it out.

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What Next!

I just read an article in The Globe & Mail (A novel soundtrack, by Marsha Lederman, May 11th) that I found quite intriguing. Music specifically chosen by a writer to go along with their book… how about that! Author Jodi Picoult has even included a CD with her latest book, Sing You Home, where each song corresponds to a chapter in her book. It just so happens her protagonist is a music therapist so this is more than fitting to the overall effect and enjoyment of her novel.  Even Stephanie Meyer suggests soundtracks for her Twilight books on her website. And singer Sylvia Tyson, who recently published her first novel, has a corresponding album which has the same name as her book. Interesting eh! I like noise in the background when I read so this might be something to check out.

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Ross Pennie’s New Book

I’m a happy camper… I discovered, quite by surprise, that author Ross Pennie who wrote Tainted (which I REALLY enjoyed) has a new book out called Tampered. He’s  a doctor at the Brantford General Hospital and a Professor at McMaster University in Hamilton, and his books are medical mysteries. They are quite unique… and really, really good.

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