Book Count

There’s a really interesting article in The Globe & Mail today (Jan. 12th) titled “Book count aims to show that books count. A campaign to add up the number of volumes bought and checked out this week will help form the national literacy strategy.” Here in Canada we view ourselves as readers with only 13% of the population saying they’re non-readers. And according to stats we spend 40 minutes a day with our head buried in a book.

Let’s show them we’re readers… head to the store or your library this week and get a book. The more money put into books and reading the better!

The Tally is in… Canadians bought or borrowed more than 2,500,000 books last week. Book sales amounted to 1,110,568 and the rest were library loans. How’s that for a country with only 33,000,000 people!! This is the country’s first book count and it was organized to draw attention to reading on the eve of the second Reading Summit which is being held in Montreal.

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