Wow!! This is a fantastic book! It’s a gripping good read. It’s not new – I think it came out in 2006. It’s a Globe and Mail Best Book. Restless: A Novel by William Boyd (published by Random House) is a first rate spy thriller. I couldn’t put it down. Eva Delectorskaya, a Russian emegre living in Paris, is recruited by the British Secret Service at the start of WWII. When she learns her brother was working for them when he was killed, she feels compelled to carry on his work. Under the guidance of Lucas Romer she learns how to become the perfect spy… multiple passports, safe houses, always looking over her shoulder, this all become part of her everyday life. She works in London, then the US, and finally Mexico where she has to flee for her life, trying to become someone who will never be found. Using an  assumed name she becomes an ordinary Brit, living an idilic life in the countryside. It’s years later that she feels the time has come to tell her daughter her life story, starting with just who is she … Eva Delectorskaya, not Sally Gilmartin. As the cover says, it’s “An utterly absorbing page-turner.”.

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