I really enjoyed this book. Lisa Moore’s style of writing is very different, and I like it. Only a very good writer could get her message across using very few words, and she does it really well. Her sentences are sometimes short, and often really not sentences at all, just phrases that made me catch my breath and stop to reread them again. Sound weird? It’s not, I loved how she did this.   February (published by Anansi Press)  is the fictional story of family left behind after the sinking of the Ocean Ranger off the coast of Newfoundland in 1982. Two parallel stories emerge – that of Helen O’Mara, wife of Cal who died onboard the oil rig when it began to sink on Valentine’s Day, and her son John who gets a phone call from a woman he had a brief affair with months ago during which she tells him she’s pregnant. The book flows between the past (the sinking of the rig) and the present (the startling pregnancy announcement), but each chapter has a title and date so there’s no confusion about time and it reads really easily. It’s about ordinary people coping with death and with life. Just the everyday existence of those left behind after a tragedy that totally altered their young lives. The resiliance of the O’Maras and how they carry on. It’s beautifully written and a great read. After all my mysteries and thrillers recently it was a refreshing change of pace.

As an after thought …Isn’t it funny how some books really grab you. February has done this to me. Why, I have no idea. I just can’t put it out of my mind and take it off my table. Every now and then I pick it up and read another passage that I’ve marked with a sticky-note. That’s me!  The post-it-note Queen of the book world!!

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