The Garden

Freeman Patterson is one of THE most respected nature photographers. He has written 11 books, has held photography workshops all over the world, and has received numerous awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Nature Photography Association. His book The Garden (published by Key Porter Books) is a joy to read and a sight to behold. Gardening and photography go together like salt & pepper and if you’re lucky enough to have the knack for both, or even just one, this is definitely a book you’ll want to read. And even study. Comments about his garden and his life … “My garden grows wilder as I grow older.”  and “The importance of beauty to our lives requires no explanation, and we never need to explain our reasons or apologize for actively seeking it out.” are peppered throughout the book alongside amazingly beautiful photographs. He also says “Gardening always requires a degree of imagination.”  and I imagine myself in summer out there with my camera in hand trying to capture my garden in a light reflective of his stunningly beautiful book. Freeman Patterson I’ll never be, but I hope to “improve with age” as I learn more about the joy of photographing my garden. Just look at the book cover… is this beautiful or what?!

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