Snow Job

The only word I can think of to describe this book is “brilliant”. It’s a crime novel full of humour. Snow Job by William Deverell (published by McClelland & Stewart) is another Arthur Beauchamp novel (some of his previous ones are mentioned earlier in my blog).  Arthur and his wife Margaret, now head of the Green Party of Canada and esconsed in the House of Commons in Ottawa, and their rag-tag band of neighbours on Garibaldi Island on the west coast, get involved in mischief that has you rolling with laughter on the sofa. But remember, this is a crime novel, and there’s a mystery to solve too. And the antics of the federal government… talk about life immitating art! I heard Deverell on the radio awhile back saying that he actually lived in Ottawa while writing this book during the never-ending winter of snow in 2008. And he certainly has a feel for the city and how politics works, or doesn’t. Talk about shenanigans!! I can’t go into the plot of the book, it’s way too complicated. But I’ll tell you there is murder, kidnapping, terrorism, political intrigue, eco issues, the whole nine yards of stuff to keep your mind occupied. And Canada even invades a foreign country (Bashyistan) – go figure! How’s that for fiction!! There are chapters in this book that made me laugh out loud they were so funny – whole chapters! This book was a brilliant start to my reading in 2010 and I have to be careful what I pick up next to read. It will have to be something totally different otherwise I’m bound to be disappointed.

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