This Thing of Darkness

Remember I previously mentioned how much I love Barbara Fradkin’s writing… well her latest book This Thing of Darkness  (published by RendezVous Crime) just reinforces my feeling. I think it’s her best yet. She uses her experience as a child psychologist to add a layer of depth to her books that most mystery novels lack. And boy, is it ever effective. In her latest a retired psychiartist is found murdered in the Byward Market area of Ottawa. As his life is examined by the authorities they come to learn that he had recently changed his will, he frequently had visits from young women known to have questionable lifestyles, and he felt compelled to help previous patients who he thought suffered more from his doctoring than they benefited from his medical practice. Add local street gang kids and an estranged son to the cocktail and you have a pretty good mix to sort through before the Ottawa police can successfully put the case to rest. It’s a great book, full of  thoughts about mental health, street people, and psychological issues that make you think. This is #7 for Fradkin in her Inspector Green mysteries and I sure hope she plans to continue the series for a long time. I love the characters central to her series, and I don’t think I’ll let the cat out of the bag if I tell you that something really shocking happens to one of them in this book. It’s a really good read… put it on your Christmas wish list.

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