Jamie Oliver

On Sunday Nov 22nd I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Jamie Oliver… THE Jamie Oliver… aka The Naked Chef… speak at Roy Tompson Hall in Toronto. He was fresh from filming in Huntington West Virginia where they did a show similar to the one he recently produced in Britain which became the backbone of his new book Jamie’s Food Revolution: Rediscover How to Cook Simple, Delicious, Affordable Meals (published by Hyperion). His mission is to get people to stop eating junk food and start cooking at home. Something so simple, but for those who’ve never cooked a decent meal in their lives it’s a huge challenge. In his book Jamie highlights some of the people who took advantage of the opportunity given by him to “pass it on” … learn a few recipes from him, then go and teach those recipes to others who in turn will pass them on to others. The documentary he produced for the Food Network based on his attempt to teach ordinary Brits to cook is fascinating TV. He deserves the highest praise for what he’s done in his career, which besides teaching ordinary folk to cook, also includes revamping the whole school lunch program in Britain and opening a restaurant where he trained disadvantaged youth to be the chefs . I think he is one of the most influential young people around these days.  The book, Jamie’s Food Revolution, is a cookbook, the recipes are easy to make and delicious, and even if you never make a single one the book is a joy to read and look at. Even great for gift-giving. And by the way… he is just as charming and good-looking in person as he is on the telly.

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