High Chicago

 High Chicago (published by Random House) is Howard Shrier’s second novel, and it’s every bit as good as his first, probably even better. He has definitely found his groove and is on a roll. Our favourite investigator, Jonah Geller is back again, this time with his own investigation company, World Repairs, along with his trusty assistant  Jenn Raudsepp who jumped ship from their  previous job at Beacon Security.  Geller is asked to investigate the death of 22 year old Maya Cantor, the daughter of  real estate developer Rob Cantor in Toronto. The police say it was a suicide – case closed, but her mother thinks otherwise. Is it possible that the famous American real estate  developer Simon Birk is involved in her death? Are a couple of other deaths in Toronto linked to Cantor’s high profile $500,000,000 Birkshire Harbourview complex, which Birk is heavily involved with?  Geller enlists the help of former hit man Dante Ryan, known to us from book #1, to help work  the case with him and provide some muscle. The book is gritty, violent in spots, with too much info about guns for my taste, but all is forgiven because it’s a great book and really funny in parts. Highly recommended. Give it a go.

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