Not Guilty

Not Guilty: My Guide to Working Hard, Raising Kids and Laughing through the Chaos by Debbie Travis (published by Random House) is a surprisingly good book. Surprisingly? … who knew she could write about anything other than decorating! Certainly not me. I only decided to read this book after listening to an interview with her on the radio. My local library had a copy and I dashed over and picked it up. Not only is it a book about being a working mother and raising kids, it’s about her own life from the time she was born in Lancashire England to her current day “stardome” in Montreal. She says “I am not a child psychologist, a top pediatrician or a marriage counsellor. I don’t even have a degree. I left school at sixteen. What I am is a survivor. A working mom. Somehow I have found the tools to juggle it all through tears and tantrums (mine not the kids’).”  If you suffer from motherhood guilt and being overloaded with responsibilities, or just need someone to tell you mistakes happen and you’re doing OK, then read this little gem of a book. It’s full of wise advice, and in parts, is very, very funny. I loved it.

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