Barbara Fradkin

Over the course of the summer I’ve managed to read all of Barbara Fradkin’s books. Honour Among Men was my first (see my earlier blog entry). I often do that, find an author I really like and read everything they’ve written. In her case it’s 6 books, all with the same central characters providing a background story to completely different mysteries, which is another thing I like – the continuity from book to book. All her books are Inspector Green mysteries involving the Ottawa police force. They’re all excellent and extremely well written (her work as a child psychologist provides a certain depth to her writing).  Also, she is the first writer who sets her stories in Ottawa that I’ve felt compelled to read. Her info about the city is interesting, often historical, and sometimes humourous … her comment about Barrhaven is quite funny. Check her out, you won’t be disappointed. Her new book This Thing of Darkness is due out in October.

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