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Fear The Worst

This book is excellent. Linwood Barclay’s newest, Fear the Worst, (published by Doubleday Canada) is a real thriller. It’s hard to put down, believe me. The story grows on you from page 1. Tim Blake is cooking breakfast for his daughter, Sydney. Since her parents split up she has been living with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, but right now she’s staying with her dad for the summer and working at a nearby hotel. They have a bit of a tiff over a pair of Versace sunglasses while getting ready to head out the door for work but the rest of the time spent together that morning was typical of most households, just a rush for time to be somewhere else. It’s when Syd doesn’t show up for dinner that night that  Tim begins to wonder whether he spoke out of turn about those darn sunglasses earlier that day. Did Syd stomp off to one of her friend’s place to cool her heels after work? Where is she? How come she doesn’t call home? It soon becomes evident that she is missing. Even the hotel where she said she worked has no knowledge of her ever having worked there.  Tim decides that he has to devote all his energy to finding his daughter. Constantly checking his website, and riding around town searching for any clues to her whereabouts all prove futile.  Then an e-mail from some woman out in Seattle who says she’s sure she’s seen his daughter leads Tim on a wild goose chase. A whacky girlfriend who borders on the insane is thrown into the mix. So are a few people who try to kill Tim. They’re looking for his daughter too and they’re sure Tim knows where she is. Tim isn’t even sure if the police are on his side or not.  At times he is the #1 suspect in her kidnapping or worst, possible murder. So much more happens in this book but I don’t want to give it all away.  It’s a real page-turner, and is quite funny in parts, especially the parts about being a car salesman and shafting the would-be customers. It’s a gripping-good read.

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Canadian to film The Book of Negroes

Canadian film director Clement Virgo has produced a deal to bring author Lawrence Hill’s amazing book  The Book of Negroes (see my first blog entry) to the screen in an international co-production. He said “It’s an opportune moment to take this wonderful book to the screen.”, and he hopes to secure financing at the Toronto International Film Festival. Bravo!! … can’t wait.

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Julia Child et al

Julia seems to be the flavour of the month. Take your pick – the movie Julie & Julia, plus a book by the same name by Julie Powell, the reissuance of Julia’s The French Chef from her popular TV show, her biography My Life in France, or her widely successful original blockbuster Mastering the Art of French Cooking. They are all in the news these days, presumably because they all tie in to the movie and provide good fodder for the advertizers.  There’s also a book by Judith Jones called The Tenth Muse, My Life in Food. She was the editor who who published Julia’s very famous Mastering the Art of French Cooking. If you’re interested in food, they’re all fantastic books. Take your pick. I read her bio My Life in France a few years ago, am currently reading The Tenth Muse by Judith Jones, and can’t wait to see the movie Julie & Julia. Every time I seem the preview with Meryl Streep I L O L.

Julia turned the culinary industry in the US on it’s head back in the 60s with her interest in authentic French cuisine, and then revolutionized the television industry with her hugely popular show The French Chef. The resurgence of “all things Julia” is timely and much needed. The whole food industry deserves a good swift kick in the pants and needs to get real again. Power to the foodies!!

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