You’ve Got Mail

There is a small publication (actually it’s a newsletter) called Nutrition Action Health Letter, published by the Centre for Science in the Public Interest, that I think is the best resource with current, up-to-date, information relating to health issues that you’re likely to find anywhere. It is the world’s largest-circulation health newsletter. Every issue focuses on a different topic, for instance the current one talks about how to keep your brain young. Previous issues dealt with Vitamin D, the benefits of exercise, dealing with diabetes. And every issue also examines a product that you find in your local grocery stores – this time it’s dips and spreads. One major fact about this publication – they accept no advertizing. This newsletter is not available at your local newsstand, it’s by subscription only.

You can go online to their website to read archived editions since 2004, and to sign up for a subscription.  It’s really cheap and well worth it. Check it out at in Canada or in the US.

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